My name is Michael Bell. I like to do projects. I work in the arts (indoor and out) primarily mixing comedy with something (at the moment I’m focusing on Gaming). I also trained as a juggler. Here is my CV. I am also an ex UFC legend. I’m inspired by Galactus because he doesn’t take no for an answer and Gandhi for his love of sea salt. Some projects I’ve done include setting up and running a successful street theatre company. Working in schools across the Isle of Man with the One World Centre using philosophy for children and creative workshops. I have been touring with Gandini Juggling in their show Smashed for a few years juggling apples and smashing shit. In the last couple of years I have started a new indoor company called Unstable King and have written, produced and co devised a show called Game. Lately I’ve been building a cardboard arcade that I have big plans for (I want to put free to play multi-player arcade machines in public places all over the UK). I also teach the odd lesson at Circomedia and run workshops around the UK (BeNext for example). I have a solo comedy / juggling act called Dog and also have a ten minute stand up set I want to perform more. My work has been shown / performed at Bristol Old Vic, V&A Museum, BeNext Festival, NowPlayThis Festival, Eden Project, Circus City and more I can’t remember. My hobbies are reading and collecting comics, basketball, badminton, building websites, watching films and series, hanging with my two bitches (hope one of them never reads that), playing computer games (mostly Rocket League) and PUBG (i stream here). You can contact me at contact(@) Live by the sword die by the gun the way of the samurai is dead.

Below are some quotes about a show called game I mentioned above as people seem to like quotes.

“This show will blow your mind and make you roar with laughter” – Intermission Bristol

“This is a flat-out fun show and the almost weirdly perfect thing to have seen on Back to the Future Day, 21st October 2015” – Exeunt Magazine

“Gloriously geeky, hilariously irreverent” – Theatre FullStop

“Surreal…One to watch” – The Public Reviews

Here is my Design website if people want me to do some web design or photoshop stuff. I only accept money that is either drug or blood money that I am helping launder.




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